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Counsellor Empanelment

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Comprehensive Career Counselling by Expert Counsellor

Explore and Find out your Most Suitable Career Path Out of 18 Career Clusters, 110 + Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations

Career Counselling

  1. Five critical factors while making career choices are:

  • Individuals interests
  • Career Values
  • Personality
  • Learning Style
  • Skills & Abilities

  2. Career counseling helps to identify these five critical factors and  

      help the individual choose the right career path through:

  • Comprehensive Career Test
  • Career Counselling by Expert Counsellor
  • Comprehensive Career Report

ISCHS is a pioneer training and research organization empanelled with 2800+ expert Trainers, behaviour counsellors, career experts, psychologists, NLP practitioners, psychotherapists, researchers, HR professionals, Educationalists and Healing practitioners from various parts of the world.  Our online assessment platform is specially dedicated to the career counselling candidates supported by the world class expert members empanelled to ISCHS practicing Career Counselling services and psychometric testing processes.

Our online assessment platform has the most sophisticated tools to identify the personality types of the individual candidate along with the assessment and evaluation of their career interests, skills levels and career values. By this assessment tool we are ensuring that the individual candidates are getting the detailed road map for their best fit career path and contingency plans as well.

About Us

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About ISCHS Accredited Counsellors:

ISCHS has  certified and empaneled more than 2800 top notch professional counsellors, trainers, behavioral coaches, NLP practitioners and life coaches from various location across globe. Our professional counsellors are empaneled after verifying their outstanding level of expertise, skills and professional ethical practice in career counselling.  Beyond the empanelment and certification, we ISCHS closely monitor to ensure the best outcome to the clients reaching out to our expert counsellors. 

Indian School of Counselling and Healing Studies (ISCHS) is a dedicated organization in training and research studies related to counselling skills, behavioral wellness, healing modalities and emotional well-being to support individuals in various aspects of their lives. 

Also, ISCHS trains and endorse individuals on the following international certification programs.

1.       Certified International Career Counselling Professional

2.       Certified International Psychometric Test Expert

3.       Train The Trainer

4.       International Graduate Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills (IGDACS)

5.       Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP)

6.       Mindfulness Practitioner

7.       Advanced Life Coaching

8.       Emotional Intelligence

9.       Hypnotherapy

10.    Faculty development programs

11.    Healing skills